Doctor Franz Hiller falls madly in love with Beatrice, an airship shown at the Berlin World Exhibition. Franz learns that Beatrice is a prototype and as such, not for sale. He must make do with buying a copy. Franz names his new airship “Beatrice II” and installs her in a warehouse hastily rented for the purpose. At the same exhibition, Anna Goldberg, a printer’s daughter, falls in love with the magnificent steam engine Hercules. She buys him and rents a warehouse where she can install her acquisition. When she arrives at the warehouse, Franz and his airship are already there. A conflict seems inevitable, but when Franz and Anna realise that they have the same love for machines, they agree to share the warehouse as good neighbours. In the darkness of the warehouse, emotions are growing. The stage is set for a story of a great, all-consuming passion – at great risk.

This is Tidsrum’s puppetry adaptation of the short story Beatrice. Puppeteers: Ida Marie Tjalve and Karina Nielsen. Director: Stephen Tiplady. Set designer and puppet maker: Sarah Piyannah Cederstrand. Instrument maker and composer: Andreas Busk.


“Listening, approving, connecting. Deep beneath the city all communication is patched through the switchboard. Operator Arvid Pekon gets a disturbing request and starts playing a dangerous game. With reality falling apart, he soon finds himself questioning his very existence Who is Arvid Pekon? is a tale of identity and madness, set in the remnants of a distant 20th century.”

The short film Kim jest Arvid Pekon? from 2013 is an adaptation of the short story Who is Arvid Pekon? found in Jagannath. It is directed by Patrik Eriksson. The film was shot in Łódź, Poland in 2011. It premiered at the Gothenburg International Film Festival and has since then toured the world wide festival circuit. The film is in Polish and stars Andrzej MastalerzAnna Seniuk and Anna Moskal.