Andra världar 26-27/4

Nu i helgen är det dags för Andra världar i Jönköping. Det kommer att hända en massa kul grejer, med gäster som Maria Friedner, Jakkin Wiss, Karin Waller, Susanna Nissinen och Fredrik Persson. Programmet finns här. Jag kommer att vara på plats på söndagen och hålla ett snack och en liten workshop om skrivande kl 11.30.

Jag kommer även att ha med böcker till försäljning. Mässan till ära kommer jag och några andra av författarna på plats donera en summa till Naturarvet för varje såld bok!

Vi ses där.

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Paper paper paper

Preparing a couple of writing workshops. Teachers accumulate paper. Lots of paper. They also write like 19th century apothecaries. Who’d have thought?

50% of teaching consists of shuffling paper.

50% of teaching consists of shuffling paper.

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This year’s Hugo short story nominees

I was very happy to see so many friends and works I love on the Hugo ballot. Since short stories are my thing, I looked up the nominees I hadn’t read in that category and discovered that all of the nominated stories are available online. They’re also all brilliant, so I kind of wish they could have an award each. Here you go, have some quality short fiction.

“The Water That Falls on You from Nowhere” by John Chu

“The Ink Readers of Doi Saket” by Thomas Olde Heuvelt

“Selkie Stories are for Losers” by Sofia Samatar

“If You Were a Dinosaur, My Love” by Rachel Swirsky

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Culture Crowdfunding Tuesday!

This week, there are two crowdfunding projects I’d like to direct your attention to. One is a puppetry show, and one is a Bulgarian writer. Both are in need of financial aid in order to go out there and bring wonderful things into the world.

Opportunity 1: Help a puppetry show go on the road


As you may know, the puppetry troupe Tidsrum (DK/UK) is staging an adaptation of my short story “Beatrice”. It will premiere in June this year, and they’re working on a tour of the Nordic countries – and after that, hopefully, the world!

In order to make all of this happen, they need funding. You can help an amazing, beautiful, heart-wrenching puppetry show go on tour. Click here for detailed info about the project and find out how your contribution will help.

You can also visit Beatrice’s facebook page here.


Opportunity 2: Help a writer attend Clarion

“I want to be a voice for my culture. I want to represent LGBTQ writers. I want to bring more diversity into speculative fiction and I believe Clarion can give my voice power.”


Harry Markov is a Bulgarian author who just got accepted into Clarion Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers’ Workshop. The problem is he’s in dire financial straits: even with the scholarship he received, he still can’t afford to go.

Going to Clarion is one of the best things one can do as a SF/F writer in the English-speaking field – for me, it was how I broke through to the English-speaking market. It has made all the difference. Harry, too, writes in English as a second language and is trying to get his stuff out there.

I’ve been where Harry is right now, and I really really want to see him attend Clarion. This is the chance to help a new voice forward. You can find his homepage, and his donation fund, here.

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Today I stumbled over

pictures of a naked lady posing with Jagannath. I didn’t know that was a thing. Made my day.

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“Moonstruck” to excellent weirdo antho

Very pleased to announce that my story “Moonstruck” (first published in Shadows & Tall Trees #5) is included in the The Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Volume One, edited by Michael Kelly and Laird Barron and planned for publication in August. Contributors include Sofia Samatar, Jeff Vandermeer, John Langan, Anna Taborska – the complete TOC is in the link above.


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Oh come on just play it once


sometimes it’s like you’re a DJ and I’m that person standing at the booth yelling for my favorite song, even though I know you’ll only play it when you’re good and ready or perhaps never because I’m at the wrong party. “No! We don’t play Backpfeifengesicht here, that’s over at the German place!”

In my dreams, you’ll be playing songs like

Herbal Verbal’s Here’s a Single Verb For Saying Hello To Someone (Not Greet) and their slightly less known A Verb That Describes Having The Strength To Do Something

and I’d be dancing my ass off to The Composite Wordbitches’ Fuck You Spacebar

and then late at night you’d be playing The The’s B-side classic We Killed and Ate Definite Article

and then finally, as a last song, we’ll have a sing-along to I Won’t Conjugate My Verb Just ‘Cause We Is Plural Now

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Writer tics

An editor once asked me, without a trace of sarcasm, if the characters in my story had Parkinson’s. That’s how often people were shaking their heads.

People whisper a lot, too. And say “but”. (that’s a Swedish tic. We tend to start a sentence with “but” whenever there’s something we don’t agree with, or are outraged by, or dubious about, or think is stupid, or are unsure about … you get the idea. My native dialect has about five or six ways of saying “but”. If something is extra idiotic, there are at least three ways of expressing it just by saying “but”*. Sadly, the word for “but” is not a homonym of the word for “butt”.)

*Ah-MEN, Men-ÅÅÅÅÅH, [click]meh


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Scary monsters and super creeps

I like stuff that falls between categories, and creatures with motivations difficult to comprehend.Here are four of my favorites. This is not the list of Comprehensible Scary Humanoid Monsters. It’s the list of Holy Shit What Does It Want-Humanoids, which is not quite the same thing.

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Antiscampidagen 22:a mars

Bara en påminnelse om vad som händer på lördag, nämligen Naturskyddsföreningens satsning Antiscampi-dagen. Odling av jätteräkor är ett jävla otyg som förstör den lokala miljön och ödelägger viktiga naturområden. Som tur är så går det faktiskt att göra en praktisk insats, och det har fungerat: många restauranger och matbutiker har slutat sälja dem. Men många fortsätter, särskilt restauranger. I länken ovan finns allt material du behöver för att göra dig besvärlig hos restauranger som envisas med att servera jätteräkor: flajers, information, filmer, argument och motargument. Och små lappar till den som är blyg.

Så, grattis till dig som sitter med miljöångest och inte vet vad du ska göra: på lördag har du en uppgift.

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